This page is the FAQ, just to answer any questions about the site.

What is an Appaholic?

Well my friends, if you split it up, you get “app” and “aholic” and there you have it. So basically it’s a term used to describe people who can’t help themselves finding new useful apps on the web all the time.

If you’re an AppAholic, it’s about time you admitted it!

Just in case you didn’t know, App is short for application, which means the programmes on your computer that do things. Aholic was simply taken from the word alco-holic, where I just stuck an A on the front because it makes it sound right. I expect “holic” stems from some Latin or something.

Ok, so what’s the deal with using a Mac to review Windows software? How did you do that?

Sorry to disappoint you (or not depending on your OS orientation!), but it’s not a Mac. What we have here is the use of a OS skinning app called StylXP, where I use the Panther theme. Note how the min/max and close buttons are on the right rather than left? That’s the biggest give away.

Why is the FAQ so short?

Well to be honest, it’s because I don’t really know what people will want to know. I am currently researching and creating a better, more extended FAQ though!

If you happen to have any questions that I haven’t answered, feel free to ask them below in the comments and I will try and add them to the FAQ.


2 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Do you perhaps have any apps for the BlackBerry 8830? Is there any way of doing a search for these on your site?

  2. Sorry Jonathan, I dont have a BlackBerry or know anyone who has one. Therefore I have no way to test any of their apps, and cannot review any
    This blog is mainly windows freeware.

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