Contact Us

We now have a contact email.

Any questions or requests, you can either leave a comment on this page, or email relequestual[at]


5 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Found you via Donation Coder. I sure would like to download your Toolbar, but this black background is, IMHO, a disaster.

    For these tired eyes, it is simply too much of a strain to read.

  2. Thanks spooz2, I appreciate constructive criticisms. Its nice to get your ideas in.
    Sadly, as I’m really not much of a designer, and I had someone design the logo and header and lack the ability to do better, for now it shall stay black. Maybe I’ll have a contest next year for a new theme? Hows that sound?

    btw, what’s IMHO?

  3. IMHO means ‘in my honest opinion’, I believe.

  4. ahh thanks bean! =D
    hold me back from getting into a comment argument! hehe 😛 *loves*

  5. hi mate. Have a look at new blog template…

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