Y’z Shadow – Drop shadow on every window, for windows

2007-10-26_200119 YZ Shadow Version Tested : 1.9
Compatibility : Win All

Description : Like drop shadow on Mac OS, this app creates drop shadow for all windows and menus. Customizable with regards to colour, and the ability to make menus transparent too. Exclusion of windows also very easy to configure with simple drag and drop feature.

My friends, again, I bring you another stylish app, this time from the world of mac rather than that of XP or Linux. If you have ever used a mac, have you noticed the drop shadow? Well I can’t say I have, but once I found this and took a look at a mac, I could sure see the drop shadow.

Now, Windows users can steal effects and styles from the mac, bringing them ever closer to the style of a mac, but running on windows. Not only do we have a mac skin using StyleXP (which you can still get a free key for!), but we now have the drop shadow, and the dock too! Its like a happy family reunion, except in the wrong house.

It has a very customizable shadow, and even gives you a live preview of what the effect looks like, which is rather handy. Also you can change the colour, bright pink, green, orange, it really doesn’t mind, or you could go for, say black?

Another really neat effect it allows is to drop shadow menu items. And if your not completely satisfied, add a bit of transparency too them as well. Oh yeh, and it adds drop shadow to your start menu.

Finally (well almost anyway), a nice little touch I really do like. If you run any of the mac dock emulations on your windows PC, the chances are you might have your taskbar at the top of the screen. Yes? That’s you? Well then, there’s something a little extra. Drop shadow for you taskbar too! Even though my taskbar stays firmly at the bottom, I can see how this really does add the icing on the proverbial mac-emulation-on-windows cake.

Lastly, if you have apps you really don’t want to have drop shadow, for whatever reason, then there is one really easy way to exclude them. Simply drag and drop a magnifying glass for the Y’z Shadow’s settings window onto the window that you wish to be excluded. Although the number of these is limited to 32 (for some really odd reason), I can’t see that this kind of limitation would matter.

Conclusion : It takes up about 8Meg ram, so at the end of the day it comes down to if you can spare it, and you want to bring your windows PC every closer to a mac without buying one, then hurry up and download this app now! Free as usual, for mac style emulation fans, this adds the decorations to your all ready tasty looking style changes.

Website : NA
Download : Page 
Size : 244KB


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  1. Dusnt work in Win2K, wen u try and install it, it says “only works on winXP”

  2. Thanks for making me aware of this. What a shame. Seems they changed the information about the download.

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