Madotate – Fitting 3D desktop hinges to a window near you

2007-10-23_131320 Madotate Version Tested : 2.02.02
Compatibility : 98, 2000, XP, Vista

Description : 3D desktop enable you machine with Madotate, making almost every window the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved, swiveled in almost anyway you want. Light weight on your resources too, unlike most apps of its kind. Adding the third dimension to your screen!

If the screen shot hasn’t already got your attention, then I don’t know what will. There are many 3D desktop apps out there, all doing this and that and some other flashy thing, but really, in all honesty, Madotate manages to beat them all.

Originally it was in Japanese, but several people translated it at various stages into English. Madotate adds an extra button just to the left of the minimize button on the active window. Clicking this will make it zoom into 3D mode.

Once in 3D mode, a window can be moved around with the left mouse. if you push a window towards an edge of a screen, then it will act like its hit a wall, and create a new hinge to that side, as you can see in the screen shot. the angle of this can be changed in the settings. If you hold right mouse down on the window in 3D mode

you can change the way the window is being angled. moving it up makes the top the hinge, bottom then the bottom is the hinge, as with left and right too. You can go as far as to flip completely round so it’s back to front, although the only reason you will do this is because your so amazed its actually working so well!

The final additional feature for each window is the mouse scroll button. This moves the window closer to you, or pushes it further away. Let me try and explain. If you look at the screen shot, you can see how the windows on the edge are subject to perspective. Like when you create a gradient for an object in most MS office apps, you can select “from corners to center” or visa versa. Scrolling with the mouse when a 3D window is selected moves the app along this perspective, truly adding the third dimension to your screen. Near and far. (If you have no mouse wheel, then page up and page down work just as well)

Transparency is also an option, one of which I do admit to loving, adding that further pinch of style, as if you didn’t already have enough with StyleXP and now Madotate too. As standard, each window has a tag which contains its bar title, however I prefer this option to be disabled. There are other options that are down to your personal preference, go explore!

The only other items I will note is the ability to create custom hot keys. There are only 3 functions, which are “swap effect”, “all to 3D” and “show menu settings”, but even so, if your a hot keys kinda person, these are ideal for you. Finally, the option if you so wish to have a sound played every time the 3D effect is implemented, and a different one for when a window is restored to its original 2D self.

Conclusion : 3D desktop from Japan with sleekness and style at heart, this app really does do an amazing job for such a small cost on resources (only 5MB max). Single exe, no installation, also runs portable for those real show offs. Simply genius without a question, one app not to miss out on. Don’t minimize it. Madotate it!

Website : NA
Download : Direct
Size : 390 K


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  1. this app is soo cool. i love it. thanks rel

  2. This is fricken AWESOME. Thanks!

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