500GB arrives, questions about Linux, and a friends accident…

This morning, I was woken up to the door bell rung by a person from City Link with a nice hard disk sized package. Now comes the task of installing it, shouldn’t take too long.

The question that then arose to me is if I should format a partition for Linux or not bother at all? This worry comes to me after I had an emergency call yesterday with regards to a GRUB error. All sound too familiar? I thought so too, except there was a bit of a twist as the story developed. Master Boot Record problems yet again.

As he was explaining to me he deleted the Linux partition, I linked him back to a post I had previously made about the exact same problem. After reading, he decided to give the recovery of the Master Boot Record a try to reset it. For some reason though, it wouldn’t recognize his windows installation.

He was left with two options; play around trying with various cd tools to rewrite the MBR, or reformat and re install windows. After playing for about 2-3 hours, he was getting rather annoyed, ( just as any of us would). Luckily the installation was only a few months old. Using the Lin live CD he recovered his essential files onto disks and USB sticks (lacking an external hard disk, poor chap) making the disk ready for formatting, reluctantly the only option left.

Luckily, he knew exactly the essential apps he wanted, and so had no problem with the installation. Oh yeh, and it was Windows Vista! Not being an OS genius, I’m guessing that restoring the MBR shouldn’t be any more difficult than on XP. Yet it seems you still have to know the command for the Command Line Interface.

Maybe Microsoft should have a downloadable ISO of a bootable CD which can restore the MBR to windows standards, especially with the recent growth of Linux. This would solve a fair number of problems for those who want to venture into the slightly more adventurous area of Linux but find themselves turning back due to hardware incompatibility.

This leads me onto my question… Should I really bother with Linux when I STILL don’t have a compatible WIFI stick to connect to the internet with? When I tried out Linux before, it was rather crippled (for me anyway) without internet access.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions?



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  1. Try the latest Ubuntu or Xubuntu Live CD. I ran Xubuntu from the Live CD on an Inspiron 8100 laptop and a Netgear Wi-Fi card. The card was picked up fine, and after entering the WEP key, I was online without problems.

  2. Thanks, I shall be sure to give that a try. I guess if it doesn’t work on the live CD then it probs wont when its installed. Annoyingly I have a Belkin USB, which is on the list of “non compatible”. Just my luck.

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