AppAholic 2.0 – The competition, explanation, and plans.

Hey there. For you subscribers, you may have realized that AppAholic has been a bit lacking in number of posts recently, ie over the last week or so. This is because of my visits to many University open days and a ton of “back to college” work, as I plan to go to university next year. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Normal services will soon return! (This week! as I have no college)

In other news… APPAHOLIC 2.0 is on the way, although this may be taking place in several phases over the next 3 months. I’ve recently chosen my host, and have plans to set it up this week. I will have to play around sorting out the set up, but plan to transfer the blog to privately hosted. Not only does this give me miles more flexibility, but also enables ME to offer YOU a much better service.

With the move, I also decided that its about time AppAholic got a makeover. Having never created a wordpress style before, and not being a PS expert, I have decided its over to you, readers of AppAholic. I want your designs, ideas, suggestions, everything and anything. And oh yeh, there will be one heck of a PRIZE, along with free style XP key’s for users who I feel have made a big contribution. (not meaning donations, meaning design ideas, concepts, suggestions of WP plugins ect.)

I’ve recently been changing a lot on my desktop, and have ordered my new 500GB HD. (Time to sort out Linux again) Can’t wait for that this week. Along with spending way too much time on the blog in the week to come, I must work on a database for my college project. It turns out its quite interesting actually, just starting is always an issue. Yet again I moved all my RSS subscriptions to another place, this time bloglines, and it looks like its done for good now. I added the bloglines yahoo widget to my desktop, and added the feedburner widget along with, so now I know how many subscribers I have with hourly updates.

But yes, I hear you, “spend less time looking at stats and more on writing posts.” Fair enough, that’s what I will be able to do now. In fact, watch out for a stream of posts this week! Over the next 3 months or so, expect some changes, some small, some rather drastic. Never fear though, AppAholic WILL continue!



~ by relequestual on 20 October, 2007.

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