DXWnd – Force almost anything into a windowed mode

2007-10-16_201052 DXWnd Version Tested : 1.20
Compatibility : Unsure

Description : A very simple app that forces a number of full screen games into windowed mode. Only works if game uses Direct X

It’ an odd post for today. Sorry about the recent lack. explanation to come. Anyway, DXWnd. I found this when I decided trying to run Final Fantasy in an emulator was not the way to go. So I borrowed FF 8 off a friend, however, to my horror, only full screen mode. I searched and searched to find a way to force it into a windowed mode, and came across one working solution.

All you do is add the exe and then run it, which forces the windowed mode. It claims to also work with Maple Story, but it’s quite an old project now, dead in fact, so I have no idea if it will work with MS or not. I had a go at MS a while ago, but uninstalled due to lack of HD space at the time.

The website has moved, to see the rest of the post and the download link, please click here



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12 Responses to “DXWnd – Force almost anything into a windowed mode”

  1. Oh, it works with Maplestory. In fact, this is one of the most popular third party programs for Maplestory, and I’ve never had any problems. This was actually created by a fan of the game, based upon an even older program that used to be used for the same purposes, though the name escapes me, just now.

    And yes, Maplestory is one hell of a bloated game, storage wise.

  2. I’m playing maple story, and did as the above instructed. The DXwnd isn’t working for me at all. It just goes directly to full screen mode. =P

  3. I’d really like to know where to find this program for my Mac. Google doesn’t really offer any help finding it. So if anyone knows where to get it, that’d be great.

  4. jezp, BUY A PC 🙂

  5. i keep getting dxwnd.dll and it wont run 😦

  6. […] nur bei einigen, wenigen) 2. dann natrlich mit VMware (und dem anderen Virtualisierungskram) 3. DXWnd – Force almost anything into a windowed mode Appaholic ansonsten waren nur wage vermutungen dabei force application window mode – Google […]

  7. hey i’m playin combat arms, is there a way to put that game into a window? plese tell me i’m desperate to know.I already put -w,-window, and -windowed in front of the target.XD

  8. .panu ba mag window mode.?

  9. try this app http://www.dynadeskxp.com/

  10. this makes maplestory a lot smaller but its really useful for using msn and maple at the same time, get it !!!

  11. Doesn’t work with Portal.

  12. To window games on steam like portal that use source engine, you have to right click the game in the library, go to properties, then set launch options and add -sw or -window

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