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2007-10-12_132227-post2blog.pngVersion Tested : 3.01
Compatibility : Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP 2003, Vista

Description : Free blogging software that caters for most of your every day blogging needs, with the ability to blog on almost any blogging format.

Personally, I have wanted a portable blogging software for quite a while. Post2Blog has been around for that while, but I have only recently decided to really try it out. There was a few reasons I didn’t before. First of all, originally it was for sale, however, now it is free! Also, I was browsing the web and found a portable version of Windows Live Writer, however it needed admin privileges to work.

I decided that reviewing the software itself would give me a perfect test of its capabilities. The other reasons I was hesitant to use P2B over WLW was because for once the people at Microsoft had actually done a good job. The biggest drawback for me is not being able to have a black background here.WLW is a true WUSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) blogging software, where as P2B lacks the ability at current to download the style. My blog, as you well know, uses white text. Naturally this causes a bit of a problem.

I managed to get round this issue by making the text background gray. This doesn’t solve the problem, but is a temporary solution while the work on updating P2B. It is by no means ideal. I have to edit HTML before posting in order to make it exactly how I want, where as with Windows Live Writer, it was basically perfect.

Although WLW does more of what I want, P2B may be better for what you need. It supports more blog types than WLW, as they seem to have focused on the popular few, although its still a fair few. WLW has a better image editing functionality with a more intuitive design, but if you just want pure text, fast on the go portable blogging, then P2B will do just fine.

I admit, WLW does take up more resources, but then again, it feels better and easier to use. I guess this is because most of us are already used to Windows software, and so there are conventions we expect, like the changing side bar, which brings up image options if you click on an image and such. One of the features I use which is not in P2B is image watermarking. I get the feeling I should invest in a more solid watermarking system, like creating an image for auto use with FSCapture, but that’s something for when I have more time.

One of the other really key features about P2B is the ability to write in MS Word and post from there. A feature I can’t say I would use, but the novel blogger who doesn’t like computers much, this might be a friendly alternative to using the web post method.

of course, the majority of people reading this will already be quite a techie, but also loath Microsoft. I would suggest you go read my post on WLW HERE and then make up your mind. It can’t hurt to try both (yeh, even the Microsoft one).

Maybe the current unofficial portable version of WLW will be developed so it doesn’t need admin rights, or maybe, just maybe, Microsoft might be bothered to make a portable version. I wouldn’t hold your breath for the latter though.

Conclusion : Useful, but lacking the essentials that I personally need to make this even close to my blogging software of choice. Looking past my specific needs, an app that could really make your day is waiting for you to download. Not blogging at its finest, but could be if more time was spent on it.

Website :
Download : Page
Size : 9.5 MB


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