Truecrypt – THE best real time virtual disk encryption security

2007-10-05_212847 TrueCrypt Version Tested : 4.3a
Compatibility : Windows 200, XP, Vista and Linux

Description : Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. Encryption is automatic, instantaneous, and extremely secure. oh yeh, and all Truecrypt volumes cannot be identified.

If your looking to hide something, secure something, or just keep something private, Truecrypt is the one app you can be sure will work. I can’t say I have used it loads, as I don’t often have anything to secure on my system. I can say thought, that this is the best app of its kind without a question.

With TC you can create a virtual drive inside a file, of a fixed or variable size. The virtual drive works just like a normal drive, whichever letter you choose to assign it to. The best feature is, even if someone suspected you have something hidden, there’s no way they can prove it. Truecrypt volumes can’t be identified, simple as that. There’s no identification method, and you can have a TC volume called whatever you want and whatever format you want too! There is still yet another level of plausible deniability.

By creating a hidden volume, you are hiding one volume inside another, and it is written to the unused part of the hard disk. It’s a bit hard to get your head around. You have a hard disk where you store files, and the space taken up never registers as taken. This image from the website explains it better. (Right)

It uses various forms of encryption including AES-256, Serpent, and Twofish. Also, you can lock the volume not only with the password, but with a key file, which can be any file you choose, the bigger, the better. Although if you loose that key file, you would be completely stuffed.

I can’t possibly talk about all the different options and settings and everything this app can do. The list is way to extensive, so I just covered the basics. The FAQ provides such an extensive list of questions you might have, if it isn’t there, chances are you either can’t do it, or its being sorted for the next release.

Conclusion : At first, it can seem slightly overwhelming, but if you sick to the simple areas, and read the extensive online tutorial if you have any questions, then you can’t go far wrong. Also the community is really helpful. Just be careful though, you will want to read the tutorial first before you start playing. You wouldn’t want to accidentally format your hard disk. Once you overstep the complicated areas, just remember, it IS the best encryption software.

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  1. great software! Nice review.

  2. Cool shiz.

  3. I tried this app at work before using it at home. I found it to be quite easy, once you did a bit of reading and re-reading. Just be careful with hidden volumes within an encrypted volume; I lost some test data. Upon further reading, I found it was due to writing within the outer, non-hidden, volume. There is an over-write protection mode and other hints within the pretty complete user guide. What’s even cooler is that unlike most encryption software I’ve tried, it not only has the capability of hiding a volume, but also once the outer volume is mounted and you want to check the volume size in my computer>properties, the size of data on the hidden volume does not show up. It shows up as ‘free space’. Pretty handy if you are ‘forced’ to open the outer volume. Awesome application…

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