Daemon Tools – Run virtual disks so you don’t have to (find them)

2007-09-30_202750 DaemonTools Version Tested : 4.08HE
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Creates 4 virtual disk drives which you can run any CD/DVD image on. Even those with copy protection work fully (Safedisk, Securom, Laserlock and RMPS) and run just as if you had the actual CD/DVD in a real drive. No more damaged disks or lost ones either. Nice addition to the system tray.

Daemon Tools (DT) is one of those apps that I’ve kind of taken for grated over the past few years. Picture this. You really need to find a disk (be it CD or DVD) really quickly underneath the mess of paper work and amongst the other hundred or so disks you have all over the place. Success, you find it, but as it tries to load up, you find its corrupt. Sure enough, it has a massive big scratch on the data side, making it completely useless! Or maybe you like this game really badly, but have to keep putting the disk away when you need to use the drive for something else. Sound familiar?

DT really is the best disk emulation freeware around. Recently (or since I last went to the site anyway) they have released a pro (pro meaning “you gotta pay for this one mate” kind of pro). However, this hasn’t meant that the free version has been left to die, or crippled by nags. Nope, its the same as it’s always been… Darn brilliant.

It creates virtual drives that appear just as real drives would everywhere on your system, and then you can run any cd image as if you had the disk in a disk drive. You do need another app to make the CD/DVD image though. If you have Nero, you can already do this easily enough. If not, then hang around for the next few posts to find out one of the best apps for making disk images.

So, lets talk a little bit more about the actual features…

It has full emulation of the latest copy protection, allowing you to easily rip your own games to a disk image and then use them on a virtual drive.

These include Safedisk, Securom, Laserlock and RMPS protection. This is especially useful for games when you want to keep your new cd nice and clean and scratch free! The DT website even has a full list of the games which work with the latest release of DT, just incase you wonder if you have done something wrong, or its simply too new a game to work virtually.

There are of course applications of DT with general software, for example many development kits have multiple disks, like VB6. I turned them both into an image and then emulated both of them, eliminating the need to switch disks over when the installation needed. Anyone who has installed Age of Empires III knows what I’m talking about when it comes to switching disks during installation!

No doubt that DT is a very useful app, especially if you have many many disks with a few you use on a regular basis. You also have the option of several 3rd party plugins found on the DT website. Although, I can’t say I personally found any use for them, but you may well do.

I guess I should really mention it runs in the system tray. How did I leave that till now? Well that would explain the rather poor image for this post. I don’t have DT running at start up, as it can take up some resources, after all, its dealing with files the size of CD’s, or even DVD’s or, heck, whatever size cd image you are crazy enough to make!

A new feature that I notices recently was how you can use the left click on the tray icon to change virtual disks in the virtual drives, rather than having to use right click and then navigate to do so. It gives it a more natural feel, right click for options, left click for using. How it was meant to be really, would you agree?

Conclusion : If you ever in the future loose or damage a disk after reading this post, then you only have yourself to blame. Easy to use, simplistic design and works like a dream without a hitch. You couldn’t ask any more, (except more drives *cough* like in pro version, you get 32! *cough*). Baring in mind its freeware, you really would be a fool to not even give this a try.

Note : Be aware that you need to uncheck the OPTIONAL addware during installation.

Website : www.daemon-tools.cc
Download : Page
Size : 1.82 MB


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  1. I always used the free version, then donated. I was lucky enough to get a license to the “Advanced” Pro edition, and this is one of the best programs out there.

  2. ohhh nice work. how did you manage to get that?

  3. If you donated within a certain time frame you were automatically upgraded and given a license.

  4. The last time I tried Daemon Tools it was loaded with adware. I switched to MagicISO’s MagicDisc-

  5. I can safely say it has NO ADDWARE! I quite simply wouldnt post about it if it did!
    It may appear to have addware as it hides itself from the OS to add extra security.
    Magic iso is the freeware choice for creating ISO’s for most users, but not for running them virtually!
    Daemon tools is very highly regarded by all in the know, and if you read the warning about the type of “addware” reported by your security app, then you would know it was not really addware. but then again, you may not get a detailed report.
    Just to check, you did download it from the makers website right?

  6. For a time D-tools supported itself with a toolbar app that installed alongside their own installer. You could easily choose NOT to install the “adware” by simply unchecking the box for it in the install process. If you installed adware on your computer using Daemon Tools it is YOUR fault, not theirs. 🙂

    P.S. I’ve been using this software since forever and it’s the only cd emu I use. 🙂

  7. I had downloaded it directly from their site.

    Maybe they’ve made it easier to avoid installing the adware, but the last time I installed it, which was at well over one year ago, it installed some kind of ad serving software. Instead of dealing with the adware issue, I switched to program that I didn’t have to worry about, MagicDisc.

    You can Google “daemon tools” adware and see that it did-

    Please note that MagicDisk is is made by MagicISO, but MagicDisc is a *freeware* Virtual CD/DVD-ROM.

  8. @loddvs… No, it is not MY fault if a program which I trusted begins installing adware. Of course, the point is now moot, as I discovered MagicDisc which is much, much better.

  9. No, im sorry, it IS completely YOUR fault. You should always look when you install any free ware at each installation stage rather than just keep clicking next. “By clicking next you agree you have read the terms and conditions”, therefor, it is your fault.
    No one really reads the TnC’s, but you should always make sure you look at ALL the options during installation of any application before you then moan about it.
    For quick check of most terms and conditions (the EULA) just use https://appaholic.wordpress.com/2007/06/22/eulalyzer/
    generally, if something sounds a bit iffy, i use the analyzer which looks for key terms and such. read the review!

    Ok, I had a further look into it. The “PRO” version has mandatory add’s if you stick to the trial. The “lite” version, which is what I reviewed, which was the original DT, has the OPTION to install addware. you can of course remove the addware after installation via the add/remove menu. simple. OR just un-check the box during installation!

  10. You can’t trust a software publisher who includes adware bundled into their product. Try doing a silent install and see where you are presented the option to “opt out”.

    Oh, forget it. I’m through arguing about it with people who don’t understand the difference between adware and freeware, especially when one of them is the owner of the blog. I’ll just quit reading and we’ll all be on our merry own way.

  11. Yeh, I do see you point though. I don’t do silent installs. I did a normal install, and yes, I did get the option, but they did ask twice.
    I did however review the 4.08 version, which is not addware, although I will say that the new version is, but you can still opt out.
    oh well its up to you. There’s lots of other good freeware on this site.

    I will be reviewing the magic ISO version soon though

  12. love this app….finding a cd n then tip of a room i have is nightmare…only thing now is that i now have no need to tidy my room anymore

  13. Personally I won’t do a “silent” install of anything I haven’t used before. I don’t like adware, but to blast a software publisher for including it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. They are trying to recoup some of their costs. We all know that the people who will buy the product after trying it are few and far between; the people who will continue to use it after the trial period are legion, and the people who will try to provide their own “registration” are growing everyday. Installing adware with the trial just makes that last step a little more difficult:-)

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