Darn it – The story of a blasted screen

On Monday, my screen decided to go rather odd. Loads of lines, random screen movement, and darn right annoying glitches. Nothing to do with the actual computer, just the screen. Even when the computer was completely turned off and disconnected, the “no signal” message had the same graphical errors. Sorry about the lack of posts. I should have the interview up today.

Plans for other reviews include, Daemon Tools, File Assassin, and Double Killer. Also the beta test of humyo very soon.


~ by relequestual on 26 September, 2007.

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  1. In the same category with DoubleKiller, please consider DUFF (http://dff.sourceforge.net/).
    Unfortunately is a dead project and the latest beta version is dated 2005. But it does a good job as it compares mp3 files using the actual audio data, ignoring ID3 tags.

  2. I will have a look, test, and the consider if its worth reviewing. MP3 duplicate removal apps on their own have been replaced with media player plugins, and even come as standard with players like Media Monkey

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