Linux uninstalled and master boot record restored

Yup, finally got round to actually getting rid of Linux of my machine, too little hard disk space you seen, and as I cant use the internet with it yet, it seemed rather pointless to have it installed. If you happen to have just removed the Linux partition like I did before, and now can’t even boot into windows because of a GRUB error, then keep reading!

I decided to play it safe, and restore the boot record first, and then delete the partition. That way if I got it wrong, I wouldn’t have to re install Linux again and play around for another hour! Luckily it worked almost perfectly.

I found my old Windows XP installation disk, and booted up with it in the drive. Annoyingly, for some reason, although I had set CD drive as first, it would still boot into GRUB.

So I just booted and quickly went into the BIOS menu and forced it to boot from the CD drive. Success. Selected recovery console as so many forums said, and entered the FIXMBR command. Then booted again, and it went straight into the windows loader. Now just to remove the Linux partition and claim back 5GB of much needed hard disk space!

Booted up with the Linux CD, and went into the live Linux, and just repartition without a hitch. I think I will leave Linux alone for a few months while I do lots of college work and work work to earn a bit more money and buy a nice new 500GB hard disk and ditch that other one that had a surface error.

For now, my system is staying Linux free. When I get my new HD and USB wifi, then expect to hear about Linux again!


~ by relequestual on 24 September, 2007.

4 Responses to “Linux uninstalled and master boot record restored”

  1. ooo sounds good….but is there a way to do it without install cd coz i was never given one with my computer

  2. humm, im not too sure if there is. you should have got a recovery CD if they didnt give you a windows CD
    otherwise, i suggest you borrow one. you must know about LOADS of people that have one. Any XP cd will do.

  3. yer suppose….nah when i was given mine they tried to persuade me that my recovery was all done on the hard drive itself and therefor didn’t need a cd

  4. It’s often a better idea to use GRUB to boot back into XP and restore the partition from there, particularly if you’re laptop vendor, for example, is too cheap to include an XP install disk.)

    MBRFIX.exe is a tool I’ve used often and it’s never failed me. Reboot to XP after running it make sure everything’s fine and then delete the Linux partition after that.

    If you have a USB key you can boot off of, there are also tools that can save you digging up an XP CD. MBRWizrd.exe is one that comes to mind.

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