Two Exclusives to come this week! – Interview and new Beta

Hi there. Sorry this weeks been a bit hectic for me with regards to college and work. Lots of work to do, and so only did one review. I can say without a doubt that there will be plenty more to come.

In the meantime though, I have two more exclusives to share with you! I think they could both prove quite interesting.

Firstly an interview with Samer, THE FreewareGenius, and secondly, a new online storage app called HumYo, in beta only right now. Both AppAholic Exclusives!

The interview has been in the works for several weeks, and finally has been completed. It looks a lot better than I expected it would. Samer from (A tech review blog like myself) kindly agreed to do an interview with me. I think its a really good chance to ask questions that you always wonder the answer to. Hopefully I covered the majority of questions most of you want to know. As this is the first interview, it would be grate if you could comment saying what you like and other questions you would want answered.

The beta app is the client for which offers free unlimited online storage with in built media player and image/video viewer. I have seem so many online storage sites recently, and when I found this one with free unlimited storage, I thought it about time I ask to help them beta test the client. Of course, the obliged, and I will shortly be writing about my experience with the client. So far so good. without the client, you currently have to upload one file at a time, but with the client, well, lets just say I cant say that I believe it can stay free or unlimited forever. Its nice and fresh compared to some other online storage sites.

I should be letting you have both of these fully completed this week, although again my time is stretched. I will upload one on Monday and the second on possibly Wednesday. Do bare in mind I’m GMT time though.

Which one do you want first? Any other comments? Do comment below. I’m interested in your opinions.


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2 Responses to “Two Exclusives to come this week! – Interview and new Beta”

  1. Where do you get the humyo beta client?

  2. This my friend is what’s known as an AppAholic Exclusive! =D

    This is the only place outside of humyo where the client is! IN THE WORLD! hahahahahahaha

    Hopefully they will release a full version soon

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