Shock Aero – 3D flip from Vista… on XP (+ mac one too)

2007-09-08_210259 Shock Aero Version Tested : 1.35
Compatibility : 2000, 2003, XP

Description : Puts the Vista 3D flip alt tab effect on XP, or even the mac OS style alt tab view, whichever is to your preference. Simple easy install with easy change between the two. Slightly slower than on Vista to load, but only once, so not really a problem.

An app that does exactly what you really want it to do. Another user generated app that carries out a function Microsoft want you to upgrade to Vista for, which you can get free on XP!

Obviously this won’t be perfect without flaws and bugs, but for what it is, heck, lets be having it installed please! By the way, do you like my new desktop image? Better than black right? I though so too!

I tried Vista a few days ago when I did some computer installations in an office, and can’t say I liked the whole experience. For someone who wants to stick to XP for a while longer, ( big while longer) but still wants to show off, then download this right now. For the portable show off, you can get the portable version too!

Its a real work of art this little app. It’s a real shame the same can’t be said for the website! The description for Shock Aero is something about shortcut location saving, not even close. I think the problem is that its primarily not an English site, and so there are bound to be screw ups like this. Glad the app works without too much of a problem, apart from some weird characters in the licence agreement which cannot be read. Not to worry though.

Conclusion : The programming is solid, and you already have a darn good explanation here about what it exactly does. For the sake of an amazing app, you will have to sacrifice the website style. A very worth while deal if you ask me. For those keeping to XP, this is one of those apps that will confirm you made the right choice, and that you can say “I can do that too” when your friends with Vista think they are better off than you.

Website :
Download : PageDirect
Size : 462 KB


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10 Responses to “Shock Aero – 3D flip from Vista… on XP (+ mac one too)”

  1. Seriously cool. Good find, thanks!

  2. this is awesome, making my xp more like my mac everyday

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  5. when i put in the serial it says “don’t correct serial!!!”

  6. Serial for what exactly? Shock Areo is freeware!

  7. download link is bad.

    correct download page with working links is here:

  8. I reviewed shock aero, not shock aero 3D, although the new 3D one looks very good too, possibly even better. May have to write another review for shock aero 3D

    Thanks for the heads up Bob!

  9. i want this

  10. cant follow the link buddy… the direct link opens a some Chinese or Japanes like site and the Page link opens a blank page…. do revert on the same and is have got a setup copy, than please rapidshare it…. all the best and a very nice site… šŸ™‚

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