CD Art Display – How your album art should be displayed

2007-09-09_114550 CD Art Display Version Tested : 1.0
Compatibility : XP, Vista

Description : Displays CD album art on the desktop by searching locally and online. Can even find and display CD art and lyrics for most songs. Also has plug ins for most media players so that it can start and end with the player, as well as control it and edit ratings.

Its a real neat app that works almost flawlessly. For a real album art freak like me, this is really handy and stylish to have. This is the perfect addition to your desktop widgets, as it isn’t limited to widget coding. Its ability to use amazon as its album art source makes it as good as Media Monkey at getting album art.

CD Art Display will first check locally, and then check using the music tags to search on amazon for the art. You get the odd time when it can’t find it for obvious reasons, but generally, its something I’ve always wished someone would make. It also displays the track details, and you can even skip, pause and play tracks with buttons that come up when your mouse moves over the album art.

Yes, there really is more to this little gem! It comes with 6 standard skins, has many many more to download, and you can edit and create your own skin. It can even show the details of your playing track in MSN (or Windows Live Messenger), including changing your display picture to the album art, a nice touch.

As if that all wasn’t enough, you can enable your own shortcuts for various functions, and enable keyboard multi media keys, if your lucky enough to have such a keyboard. Big deal I hear you say. Well, for Media Monkey, it is a rather big deal, as Media Monkey still doesn’t support multimedia keyboards, one of the few things that stop it being the best player in the world.

Oh, and you can change the amazon sites country to find the right album art for you!

Conclusion : Brilliant free software which is basically an outer shell for media players, which displays the right album art by searching the web, and displays the track info. Also with the ability to control the media player from the app, it opens up a whole new level for media player controls and desktop widgets. Revolutionary.

Website :
Download : Page
Size : 1.05 MB


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  1. Been using this for a few months, incredibly flexible program with beautiful, almost stunning skins. Amazing that no one thought of it this way before.

  2. Nice program! But it would be nice if the lyrics worked a bit better, but that’s hard I guess so don’t take it as I’m saying it’s not nice

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