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2007-09-05_183538 OrbitDownloader Version Tested : 2.1.7
Compatibility :
NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Description : Free multimedia download manager that can download anything off any website’s. Such as songs off Myspace and Pandora, and videos from Youtube and Metacafe. Browser integration for most browsers plus the useful “get it” icon and grab++ as ell as batch download support.

I thought it about time I reviewed a download manager, and this is one of the best out there, free too of course. If you like what’s been dubbed web 2.0 (as in videos and music and such) then this was built for you. Not only does it download any material off any site, it actually increases the download speed by making multiple connections and looking for mirrors. It also integrates into a number of browsers.

Its incredibly light on resources too, which cant be said about some download managers. It claims to use only 3MB of RAM and 3% of CPU, and under closer inspection, that’s a well warranted claim.

The grap++ option is very clever. You can download tracks of Pandora by looking in the temporary internet files and copying across the files that are between 3 and 10 Mb. Orbit effectively monitors the temporary internet files. You can even filter them into music, video and flash (see screen shot). 

At first, I wouldn’t use it, as it took over as the default app for downloads in FireFox, which I simply didn’t want. Since then, the updated version is smartly in the normal download options, so I can select if I want to use Orbit for large files or special media, or Download Them All! My favorite FF download manager plug-in. Another bonus is that it can continue downloading large files after reboots, which you never get with browser only downloads.

The browser plug-in for Orbit Downloader looks out for downloadable media, like video behind a flash player, so that when you put your mouse over it, you can “get it”. Simple and easy to understand downloading from all those website’s that don’t want you to easily download. If its the odd video, that method is fine, but for music, say off Pandora, you would be better off using the Grab++ function. Not only can you wait and then download several files at a time, but also music often doesn’t have an easy download option.

It has a few functions that not many people would really notice without delving deep, but which could be rather useful. It has the ability to import and export downloading lists, so you could effectively transfer your download activity from one machine to the next with minimal hassle and without loosing your download time. It also has several “do when finished” options, like shut down or hang up when done, rather useful for large files when you away from your machine.

Conclusion : Want to download those tracks off that website or that video, but can’t see any way to do it? Well Orbit Download does the job. The web 2.0 downloading machine. Easy, fast, and fully integrated with the browser of your choice . Not for every day downloading, but for that special occasion, simply a tool you must install.

Website : www.orbitdownloader.com
Download : Page – Direct
Size : 2MB


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  1. This really is quite incredible, and can grab almost anything off any web page. Integrates well with IE and Firefox, but the Grab++ portion doesn’t play nice with IE. I was also a bit concerned about the P2P portion of the program and feel that a bit of advanced analysis is needed to determine exactly what is transmitted and why. However, since I have disabled the P2P capabilities, it is probably the best download manager I have used yet. I moved over from the shareware Leechget.

  2. i think this is the most sophisticated and well organised web site …. keep it up

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  4. I love this program, but SO WANT IT FOR MY MAC! One day orbit will come around…

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