How to NOT uninstall Linux! and unformatting a hard disk

Another installment on my Linux experience is here!

So I got given a free 80GB hard disk from a friend who didn’t want it anymore, so I thought why not. I decided I would move the Linux installation over to the new HD so my C drive could have a little room to breath again.

Then I booted up Linux to repartition my C drive back to pure FAT32, and half the E driver into ext3. Little did I know that I simply couldn’t just remove the partition that Linux was installed on, which is what I did. then I found that I couldn’t reformat the E drive as it had some corruption according to Linux (probably why my friend didn’t want it anymore).

I wanted to watch a vid on my PC for lunch, so I decided I would solve the issue later. However, my lunch was halted by the fact that Windows wouldn’t boot up! Fact anything wouldn’t boot up!

GRUB ERROR 22! what the? I couldn’t load Windows or Linux or even safe mode. The boot screen wouldn’t even load…

Luckily, I have a wireless router, and a PSP to hand. So I looked up this blommin GRUB error, and find that it’s Linux’s fault! When I installed Linux, it took over the Windows boot with it’s own. So I had to reinstall Linux from the cd again! So glad I kept that CD. Back to square one with less than 10GB on my C drive. Least I have my external still. Looks like the free 80GB hard drive is rubbish.

However, something interesting here. I decided before fiddling with Linux, that I would try and unformat the hard disk I was given. With a little searching, I found an app that would do exactly that! They are few and far between, I will say that! Anyway, I tried it out, and recovered lost of files, including several My Documents folders. I had a little look, too much though. No music was worth retrieving, had it already. Please with the fact that I COULD do it, I decided to just leave it at that.

Oh, all the files are for sale on ebay to the highest bidder. Probably can find some credit card information and bank details on there somewhere. or not! Its not for sale, I just thought it may be amusing.

Ah well. Your comments on this installment? Interesting? Do comment.


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11 Responses to “How to NOT uninstall Linux! and unformatting a hard disk”

  1. I did warn you. When you install Linux it tells the computer to boot up using a boot loader/menu (GRUB) which is stored on the Linux partition so when you wipe the Linux partition, GRUB goes too! There is a way to reset the Master Boot Record (MBR) to boot into Windows again using the Windows disc but I don’t know how to do this. Sorry.

  2. Firstly, you never warned me. Secondly, I know you can, and I know how, but I just feel that you should be able to uninstall. After all, this is Linux. If you can’t, then its a rather poor show!
    There is a way, I just haven’t had much time to look for it!

  3. ha i had the same problem when i installed it on my old ipod (using it as an external hardrive). Obviously when i started my computer up and it ran GRUB it wasn’t finding me ipod and so i just re-installed linux like u ha

  4. should you go to you will read, among other things, the following excerpt:

    The MS-DOS Fdisk utility usually updates the master boot record (MBR) only if no master boot record exists. Repartitioning with Fdisk does not rewrite this information.

    Fdisk has an undocumented parameter called /mbr that causes it to write the master boot record to the hard disk without altering the partition table information.

    after clearing the master boot record, windows should have no problem booting up, as long as the partition it’s on is set as active.
    don’t know the linux alternative, though

  5. No worries there. thanks though. I’ve decided that seeing as I can edit the default boot to boot into Windows, I would leave it for now, and wait till I get my new HD. Apart from that, only reason to remove Lin is because I have under 10GB left on my HD’s! ahhhh! lol
    plan to buy a nice 500GB! =D

    You can re do the boot record as windows again if you do some thing with the windows CD on boot. Looked it up and it sounded quite easy, just haven’t done it yet

  6. hey
    how are u, dear i want remove win xp and want to remove partition but not remove xp and partition please about me this metter

  7. To fix the boot record you simply put in the Windows install disk, click “repair”, then type fix mbr. Can’t remember if there is a space between fix and mbr or not.

  8. Linux does more than just mess up your hard rive, it also screws up other things. Solution, never use Linux – it’s a waste of time. Good only for web servers.

  9. I wanted to say thank you to Tim. I recently uninstalled Linux and had this issue. I booted from the Windows XP disc and then went to repair. I typed fixmbr (all one word), and the problem is fixed 🙂

  10. hi this is muthu…. first u go to mycomputer then right click go to manage then click storage unow u will be shown all partitions so which one u dont want just remove thats all…..

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