Recuva – File recovery that you can rely on by Piriform

Recuva 2007-08-26_175209 Version Tested : 1.04.104
Compatibility : Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Description : Free file recovery by the same people who brought you CCleaner. Efficient, reliable and fast. Recovers files that were deleted out of the recycle bin. Can even find system files, and files deleted by bugs, crashes and viruses.

When Piriform make a second application, there really is no question that it will be a product of class. I downloaded this when it was still in beta, and have been using it to recover files ever since.

One of the features I really do like about this app, is the way you can look at files in the tree format, so if you are looking for a specific file, its easy to locate. Even if you cant remember where it was, you can do a search for it. You can of course switch between tree view and list view if you so desire.

One of the really big bonus’s of Recuva is that it is also portable.

All you have to do is install it to a USB or portable device. It can recover files from faulty digital camera memory and MP3 players that have decided to crash. Portability is really rather handy when your at work and delete a file out of the recycle bin and your tech team isn’t good enough to recover it. Maybe even suggest Recuva to them. Runs directly off the USB stick with no installation on the remote PC. You do however have to have admin privileges for it to work.

Conclusion : Simple, reliable, neat, stylish, portable file recovery. Does exactly what its designed to do. CCleaner was superb, seems they done it again. Another amazing freeware app by Piriform.

Website :
Download : PageDirect
Size : 345KB


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  1. Note on Recuva download page says “Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000” but doesn’t mention 98. Doesn’t say you need admin privileges, either

  2. You are correct. It dose not say 98. *edits*
    As for needing admin, that was the case last time I checked


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