UltraShredder – Shred your files like you would your paper

Ultrashredder 2007-08-24_102135 Version Tested : 4.5.3
Compatibility : XP, 2000, 98

Description : Securely deletes files by writing over them, bypassing the recycle bin. Shreds files rather than just deleting them. Portable, free, simple file shredder

When you put your files in the recycle bin, you know you can get them back again. However did you know you can still get them back AFTER you have deleted them out of the recycle bin? In some cases up to 10 years after! ( I’ll be showing you how in my next post).

Lets look at this with real world comparisons. Putting a file in the recycle bin is like putting paper in your bin. Emptying the recycle bin is like putting all the stuff in your bin in the bin outside, waiting for collection. With computers, collection only happens when the space needs to be used again. Until then, the file can be recovered, just like you could retrieve paper that you had put out to be collected.

Ultra Shredder is like putting your paper in an expensive shredder that uses lazars to cut up the paper into dust. So sounds good?

This app is small and neat, and does the job without any problems or issues. Its simplicity is brilliant. Drag and drop or right click and add file. Only one setting, how many times to shred the files. Theoretically this shouldn’t make any difference, but it just makes sure you feel completely sure that your file is gone.

It’s also portable and requires no installation! Run it straight from your USB stick or your recovery disk. Its one of many file shredders, but I like the simplicity and portability of it more than the others.

Website : www.xtort.ne
Download : PageDirect
Size : >300kb


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