Ext2/3 Installable File System for Windows – Read and write Linux drives in Win

Ext2IFS4win 2007-08-17_194835 Version Tested : 1.10 c
Compatibility : NT4.0/2000/XP/2003

Description : Installs driver so that Ext2 and Ext3 volumes (Linux standard) drives can be read and written to from anywhere that can access your normal FAT32 or NTFS drives.

So, I thought there must be some app that allows me to access Linux drives from windows, and here it is. When you install it, its like mapping a drive over a network. Simple and easy. The guy who made this was a real tech wiz, and has thrown loads of “limitations” on his front page, like it can’t read Ext2 floppy drives or such.

To be fair, I suppose that it doesn’t do EVERYTHING, but it does do quite enough for me, as I’m rather new to Linux. It installs into the windows kernel, meaning its fully integrated into the windows system, which is why it can be accessed by any app! It even adds its own Control Panel icon!

It does do the simple task of read write, but it does have one limitation that you should probably be aware of. It does not maintain access rights, so effectively anyone can view anything on the drive and change it without need for any password or username at all. Other than that, unless your planning to do something like install windows on it (hey, why not, thinking about showing off?) because you simply can’t use it as a windows boot drive. Now that would be impressive.

After installing Linux, I haven’t had much successes connecting to the internet. So I had been downloading guides and trouble shooters to try and resolve the problem. I had to put them on my external drive. ok, no big deal, but I would have rather kept them on the Ext3 drive I had set up. Glad I found this!

Conclusion : For me, a newbie to the world of Linux, this little addition to the Win kernel makes like a little easier. It does however remind me how Linux works, everything that windows should of had, but didn’t. It would seem that a lot that comes as standard with Linux, people have to make EXTRA apps to do the same on Win. Such is the OS wars. If you have Linux and are thinking about just testing it out, get this simple and easy app.

Website : www.fs-driver.org
Download : Page
Size : 460KB


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