Linux is useless without internet. My story so far

So, Linux downloaded, burnt to disc, and installed like a dream – almost.

It worked ok, but I had partitioned the drive so that Linux only had 2.5GB. Little did I realise it needed a fair bit more than that to run anything. So I uninstalled and increased the partition size, and installed it again. No problems there.

The problem arose when I tried to connect to the Internet. It found the network alright, even the name of the router, and it even connected to it, or at least it said it had. The thing was, it said 0% (which I assume means signal), which I can’t understand, as I have good reception in Windows.

So I followed all the instructions through as best as I could, but still nothing changed. I downloaded this wireless assistant app, but I couldn’t for the life of me get it to install. There were lots of different command line instructions, and I’m quite sure I tried them all, and none worked.

Then I found that I had to install something else first, as it couldn’t compile the code to install unless it knew how. I had the funny feeling I was about to be led on a rather annoying and time consuming goose chase over installing. Sure enough, one forum noted that it was like such a chase.

I decided that for a Linux novice such as myself, I had to just wait for someone to come round and sort it all out for me. I resigned to leaving it alone, until Thursday, which is when my local Linux geek comes home. Then we’ll see who’s boss of Linux.

If you have any ideas/suggestions about how to do anything in this post that I failed to do, I may well try it out. Who knows, there may even be some kind of reward. Comment below on your first Linux experience, or any help for me.



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  1. Now, I don’t use it to connect wirelessly, but I installed PCLinuxOS 2007 on a separate hard drive, and it installed EVERYTHING right off the disk I made from an ISO, and worked right out of the box!

    Whether it will take care of your wireless woes, I don’t know, but I find PCLinuxOS to be better than the much-touted Ubuntu. You can read about (and download) it here:

  2. Thanks for that. I’m loading the site right now.
    I’m trying for the moment to stick to ubuntu as I have limited disk space, or I would try out PCLinux.
    I shall add it to my list of stuff to look into, as if that list wasn’t big enough already!

    The main reason I wanted lin was because I heard about its auto download and install features, and I wanted to try it out first hand. Also I want to take the next year to get up to speed for uni. Sure knowing something about Linux will come in handy.


  3. I have tried many different Linuxes, including: openSUSE; Ubuntu; Kubuntu; Xubuntu; Freespire; PCLinuxOS; and (although only to revive an old laptop) Puppy Linux. All have managed to detect my hardware, although the best Ubuntu which made it VERY easy to install the driver for my graphics card (with which I had been having Problems). Linux is very good (especially in comparison to windows (which sucks!)) it is well worth it! keep looking for the solution!


  4. try a different USB receiver, i used a Belkin one at first and it didn’t work then i tryed a Netgear one and it worked 1st time

  5. yeh, i did some research and it turns out thats the problem! im going to buy a new one soon!

  6. fuck linux it is gay windows vista ftw fuck linux and mac sheep

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