TeraCopy – Moving Files Made Easy and Faster

TeraCopy 2007-08-08_090301 Version Tested : 1.2
Compatibility : XP / Vista

Description : Replacement for Windows copy file function with enhanced functions, faster file transfer, pause and resume, and error recovery.

I’ve been using TeraCopy for a long time now, and despite managing to muck up the window with my virtual desktop app (which a reinstall cured), I can say without question that this has greatly improved copying files, especially those of a large size.

In the image above, I was moving a backup of 20gb of music in a zip. Normally this would have taken around 8 hours or so, but note how the remaining time is only 20 minutes! One of the biggest, most noticeable bonus’ is that it really is so much faster than the Windows standard copy function. So much so that I replaced the Windows one with TeraCopy! It’s just a simple check box in the program to enable Windows integration, possibly the best check box I’ve ever checked.

Another feature that became really noticeable to me was the fact that it

doesn’t create multiple instances like Windows file transfer does. I’m sure you have all seen what happens when you select a folder, copy and paste, and then do it again for another folder, and another. You get about 5 or 6 separate file transfer windows. Well not any more! With TeraCopy installed and integrated into the Windows shell, when you copy and paste a new file/folder, it just adds it to the list of items to transfer.

Let’s not forget the pause and resume function, another handy addition to file transfers. Say you run out of time, have to go out and turn the machine off. Pause, and then hibernate. If you didn’t know, hibernate will save all the RAM to the HD and when the machine is turned back on again, reload all that was running before, enabling you to resume the file transfer after your computer has been turned off.

There are three views you can use in TeraCopy, all for your convenience – Caption, Compact, and Full. The image is of the full view. Compact is simply the progress bars and the buttons directly below it, and Caption is just the window header, also known as “Rolled Up” mode in many other apps.

TeraCopy also has error recovery, and although I can’t speak from personal experience with this function, I don’t doubt that it works like a dream. I can easily imagine the situation where you’re copying a stream of files, and one of them has an error for whatever reason so the whole transfer is killed. With TeraCopy, it will retry the problem file several times, and if all fails, skip it and continue with the rest, flagging the offending file for you to deal with later.

The difference between the demo and shop version is debatable. The review is for the free version, which is what I use. Currently, paying only adds the ability to…Select files with the same extension/same folder, remove selected files from the copy queue and get free updates and priority support. Unless you need these functions, then I can’t see any reason to buy the Pro version, apart from that it’s free for home users. As usual, companies have to pay, which is fair enough.

Conclusion : Another useful app that adds features to Windows that should be there as standard. They can’t even get these features into Vista, which is a rather poor show. I often need to move large installers and backups to an external hard drive. TeraCopy has made doing such transfers so much easier, whereas before it was always a worry. One simple app that makes a world of difference to any machine. Dell should pay to get it included as standard on their new machines. I simply can’t believe Microsoft haven’t bought this already.

Website : www.codesector.com
Download : Page
Size : 481KB


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