KatMouse – Scrolling made purrrrfect

KatMouse 2007-07-17_152517 Version Tested : 1.04

Website : www.code-scout.net/katmouse
Download : PageDirect

Description : Scrolling on almost every window without having to have the window active. One little app that really makes multiple windows that little bit more effortless.

Imagine: you’re talking on MSN or writing that really important email/letter, and you need to keep flicking back to that website, but you also need to move down the page. Say it’s a really long page, or you have a number of pages, or you want to look at several windows and compare them. Imagine how annoying it is to have to keep clicking on the window every time you want to scroll down. You notice the person next to you can scroll without clicking at all, and continue typing without having to re-select the window. You ask them how, and they reply “KatMouse”.

When I first found this app, I knew it would be a keeper for sure. Once installed and activated, you no longer have to actually click on a window to be able to scroll with the mouse wheel. No big deal you say? Well maybe not massive, but once you start using it, you will find your anger levels rising whenever you use a computer that has a foolish enough owner not to have it installed.

What’s more, I’m sure you have come across some annoying windows which just will not let you use the mouse wheel to scroll them. Well KatMouse can sort that problem out for you too (or at least tries to). It does work, no question there, but there are some apps that still elude even KatMouse’s effort to force the use of the mouse wheel.

All in all, a simple small, effortless app that I can’t live without anymore. It doesn’t have endless functions, but does exactly what it’s supposed to do. You can set it to ignore any app you want, and it also has some settings with regards to making apps appear on top or below others, but that mucks around with my virtual desktop app so I simply disable these settings. You, on the other hand, may like them, so by all means, have a look and let me know what you think.


~ by relequestual on 17 July, 2007.

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