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SmartShutdownLX2007-06-25_184824 Version tested : Alpha 1

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Description : Neat and simple scheduling tool, with right click from system tray menu to perform system operations. Ability to schedule almost any time, and a vast array of system actions to perform. Multiple profiles and a few system tweaks.

Granted, this is only Alpha 1 version, but heck, I love it, and haven’t found anything wrong so far. (If you want a more stable version, look on the website for version 2005)

I found this app randomly, and it looked like a good right click shut down tool to me, so I thought I’d give the new LX Alpha version a try. So far, I can’t say I’ve wanted to use any of its other features. I’d got really frustrated with my machines shutdown time and had tried a few other apps, but they all failed to completely shut down and would end up shutting most down, but eventually when it ended itself I had to go through the start menu again! This little app does exactly what I need – to shut down my computer QUICKLY!

It can: shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, stand by, hibernate, disconnect

from the Internet, and display a reminder. You can also wake on LAN, Kill processes, run screensavers, turn the monitor on and off, and reboot the Windows shell. This can be done automatically using schedules, a single click, or manually. Two of the more advanced triggers are after defrag and when a process ends.

It also has many system tweaks, including a lot of Windows Start-up options, and the ability to run itself as a service rather than start up.

Let’s not forget, it has style and nifty animations to add that edge, as well as inbuilt transparency as well, although I’m sure you already have an app that does that for you! No help in this alpha version though, so you’re on your own unfortunately.

Conclusion : For fast shut downs where you don’t have to wait for your start menu to wake up (and taking less time than Windows shutdown anyway), choose SSdown LX. Neat, stylish, simple and advanced options too, all the AppAholic needs. Luckily they stayed away from making too many advanced functions, which would be a real killer. Small apps that have a range of functions in a limited area are the AppAholic way. You may think you don’t need this, but I assure you, when you’re in a hurry to shut down, you will be thanking your favorite app website!

~ by relequestual on 25 June, 2007.

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  1. Another shutdown utility is Shutter. Once i looked for a way to auto shut-down my pc after long VirtualDub encoding jobs. Shutter offered me a way to do this as among its triggers are “Low CPU usage” and “Window Closes”. This application also has web interface (you can shut down your pc remotely) and is portable (settings are saved in a local .ini file)


  2. yeh, this does all that as well. even boot remotely! now thats something. not sure about portability though, but can’t see why you would want that either

  3. Reasons I prefer portable apps:
    1. Windows is on C: drive, portable apps. stored on D: continue to work no matter if Windows crashes, and needs to be re-installed, or if I change to another Windows version.
    2. I can copy portable apps. to a USB drive and use them on any computer from there.
    3. My registry remains clean and no dll-s are added to system folders.

  4. Yeh, I couldn’t agree more, I have a 2gb stick for my portable apps. What I was saying was I don’t see why you would want a shut down util to be portable, or do you crash a lot? or is it just the draw of a clean registry?

    To improve your registry, I suggest you use registry defrag, reviewed on this site under registry.

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