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Description : Anti Spyware with optional integrated Clam AV, with automatic updates, scheduling and real time protection. System, registry, and file scans. Also has the ability to manage system restore points, unlock and delete files, and analyse any file. And it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

This is the best anti-Spyware app I have come across in quite a while. The biggest advantage to Spyware Terminator is its automatic updates, which apps like Spybot S&D, Spyware Blaster and Ad-Aware lack on the free versions. Two out of those three also lack real time protection but, equally, they offer different tools, each with their own special ability.

Any real AppAholic will also fall for a sweet looking app, and this is one of them. Out of all the security apps I have ever tried, this has the most intuitive design and layout, giving it a sense of class. Don’t be fooled though, it packs some power behind its softer looking exterior.

4 Different Levels of Scanning : Fast spyware, Full spyware, full virus and spyware and custom scan. Some security apps lack this amount of flexibility. There are also sub-options, like system, registry and file scan inside each of the levels.

Real Time Protection : Application, System, Internet and ClamAV guards, each with several clear check box settings and help information on each. Also advanced settings, like automatically block threats without user confirmation and HIPS…

HIPS (Host Intrusions Prevention System) : If this feature is turned on, it indexs all applications on record currently installed on the system, and alerts you if anything new tries to install or execute. Obviously, this throws up a lot of warnings when you install a new app. You can, however, enable install mode by right clicking on the system tray icon and selecting to turn it on. A nice feature about this is that it keeps the warning about being in install mode until you turn it off, just for us forgetful people.

Automatic updates : Several settings for automatic updates, including notifications, major updates only, and proxy settings if needed. The check interval can be changed to your preference.

Start Up Guard : Part of the application guard is to alert you if an application tries to set itself to run at start up. A bit of a handy tool, which other non real time protection spyware apps simply can’t offer

Analyze File Utility : It will inform you of the MD5 check sum, registry values, of any binary file. You may well ask ‘Why do I want to know this?’. MD5 checksum can check if the file is authentic or not, as usually the creator posts the MD5 checksum on the website. Checking the registry values can determine if the app is truly portable or not.

All in all, it really is a must have. A general set and forget spyware and virus protection. its style and automatic updates win the free spyware protection war. Personally I find it reassuring to watch it check for updates every hour. Its full system scan is also rather fast. The Spyware and AV scan takes less time than the AVG scan. Which one is better though, remains debatable. I like to have both, as they both offer real time protection. Unlike AVG, it has HIPS, which is actually rather good. I could see it saving many a system. Granted, it takes a week or two to get the majority of settings it needs, but after that, it starts to define set and forget apps.


~ by relequestual on 12 June, 2007.

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  1. Nice app, the only free one I know with realtime protection,and so much extra features too! Would like to see a test which shows it’s performance in blocking spyware, and how it compares to other anti-malware apps. Link anyone?

    By the way, the text in the review behind ‘Start Up Guard’ is in black letters instead of white.

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