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Description : Start up manager and delayer, speeding up your computers boot time for sure, by delaying processes that you won’t use straight away.

If you’re really an AppAholic, your start up list will probably be as long as mine, if not longer! Let’s be realistic, even if you’re not an AppAholic, you probably have a fair number of programs that start up with your machine, that you won’t use within the first 10 minutes. All these programs loading at the same time all hog resources, with most of them fighting for the right to take highest priority.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all wait their turn? Well that’s exactly what this sweet looking app forces them to do. Stand in line and wait their turn, and speed up your boot up time, as well enabling you to use your machine practically as soon as you hit the enter to log in.

So how does it work? Well, it finds all the start up processes, and presents them to you. For most of the important ones, you will probably recognize the icons or names of apps you won’t be wanting to use straight away. You then drag them into the bar at the bottom, either manually selecting how long after login they start, or by using the space evenly command. Then you enable the delayer, and set it for visible or invisible. Personally I have invisible, but if you want to see it working, set visible.

It also works with multi-user computers, enabling you to select start up entries for different users to be delayed. Initially it’s set to safe mode, which prevents users from deleting start up entries, but you can change to advanced mode in the settings.

I have only one problem with this app, which I’m not sure whether the apps to blame, or the Windows system. I found that if I didn’t disable and then enable the delayer each time I changed anything, then some of the icons in the system tray wouldn’t appear. I guessing its MS’s fault, but luckily for me, this app has cleared that problem up, and it sure didn’t start up.

All in all, one app you really should have if you’re an AppAholic, or someone who uses your computer is. Chances are, if you’re in a family, one member has probably made loads of programs run at start up. Simply a good app. I couldn’t afford not to have it!

~ by relequestual on 9 June, 2007.

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  1. Nice app. It can really speed up startup time by delaying some less necessary programs. But did you know the latest version of WinPatrol (free!) has this function built in? And methinks WinPatrol is a MustHave apps for many other reasons already.

  2. No, i cant say i knew that.
    I like the look of it, it may feature. Sometimes you want a nice small app that does what its supposed to. Thats what this one is here. =D

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