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Description : Quick-launch anything by knowing its name alone, or even a few letters. Index’s default and user defined directories for default and user defined file types. You can have user defined commands and many skins.

When I first read about this app, I thought I’d never use it, just the same as all the other launchers I had tried. This one was a bit different though. It indexed all the apps on my machine, effectively making the start menu obsolete for apps I knew the name of. The initial indexing didn’t take too long, and I don’t notice it running.

I found out recently that I can also use Launchy to search Wikipedia or Google (amongst others) by typing “google” and then the search term I wish to use. I know most people would have their default search engine set to google for their in-browser search box, but this is still a genius idea for those who don’t want to fiddle around with browser settings and such.

You can set custom directories to index, as well as custom file types. Say, for example, I have lots and lots of MS office files in a directory; essays, letters and the like. You can set Launchy to index .doc, .exl, or .whatever-you-want.

To round up, it also auto index’s at user defined intervals (30mins as default), so it’s never out of date. Can’t be bothered with that horrid start menu, and want a text launcher that’s better looking than a command line tool? This is what you’ve been searching for. It also predicts and remembers what apps/files you want, rather like predictive text, and lets you dub this predictive file launching. Of course, it waits for that Enter command just to be sure.

~ by relequestual on 1 June, 2007.

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  1. I haven’t tested it, but by reading it, I think SlickRun seems much nicer.

    Takes like a day or so to get used to it, but afterwards you can have it instead of the original clock, it shows you the amount of free ram, and you only have to type like one button to start a program.
    You can do a lot with this program, ex shutdown your pc, make it hybernate/sleep (write sleep and it starts to sleep xD)
    And you can make it start multiple tasks with the same order.
    It’s easy to configure according too your needs too.

    To add, it’s very nice too (after you’ve configured it yourself).
    It also has a VERY nice little add to write small notes in called JOT.
    Just press windows+j (configurable) and the window appears, write as much as you want, then just click X or windows+j and everything is saved automatically. I really think you should give this a try!

    And all of this in a 200×10 pixels small box. (you can make it bigger if you want too).

    Highly recommended!
    Muchas nice!
    Väldigt bra!


  2. lol way to plug your own app.
    It may be called slick, but it really is not. slick must include style, that thing dose not. sorry!
    Don’t get me wrong, I admire you for your creations, its just not slick. doesn’t mean it cant become slick.

  3. It is not my “Creation”…

    And who cares if it does not look nice? It is extremely useful. At least if you ask me and my friends.

    It might not be “slick” on your computer and with your settings, but that does not say it can not be on someone else’s. I guess that you have the original windows xp skin? download a new one… (google windows themes)
    If the theme is not “slick” then nothing else can be “slick” either.

    Just tried Lauchy for a moment, well, must say my thoughts were right.

    Launchy is better if you want to “start” small documents like .doc and that sort. Slickrun can do that to, but then you have to add it manually first. Well, the last result after a lot of thinking is that, at least for me, Slickrun is better. Though, Launchy is for sure better to use at work and that kind of things.

    I only use 33gig of my hard disk and my start menu is only 20 lines high, so I guess Launchy is not designed for me…

  4. If you like it then thats fine by me. =D I was just pointing out the fact that it called itself slick. You like it and it does what you want, thats grate for you.
    I dont have the XP skin, I have panther, which is mac skin. I can give away free StyleXP keys legally you see (if you want one, look under the “Exclusive” catagory)
    I personally use Launchy to run applications, as i have over 250 different ones installed. My start menu is only 10, but thats because I use Tidy Start Menu
    Yeh, if you haven’t got alot of content on your PC, then fair enough. With Launchy, you dont have to add anything, just set up the file types and root directory, then it automatically indexes the files for you. Not only that, but if you type in say word, and it chucks up notepad, you press down a few times till you reach MS word and then press enter, and it will remember for next time you want MS word.

    If you want launchy at work, it is portable, and can be run off a USB. I havent used it much anywhere else, although I may have to give it a try.

    Do always suggest alternatives when I post though. If it is better in my opinion, then it will be reviewed.

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