Tidy Start Menu

Version Tested : 3.22

Website : www.tidystartmenu.com
Download : PageDirect

Description : You know the massive start menu you have? Well this is the answer to your prayers! It’s what you need and you don’t even know it. Tidy up that freakin’ Start Menu. You can do it your own way, or the Tidy Start Menu way. I know which one I’d choose.

If you’re a real AppAholic, you may well be on your way to the fourth column on your programmes list… and that’s on an 19″ screen set at its highest resolution! So how do we solve this problem of a start menu that is ugly to look and means you have search up and down to find the right app you want? Simple, categorise them using Tidy Start Menu.

It has 9 set categories, Office, Utilities, Games, Entertainment, Internet, Programming, Graphics, Security and Other. You simply check the apps that fall into that category. When you move onto the next category, the previously checked apps are taken out, so eventually you can whittle it down so that you’ve put each and every app in its rightful place.

It also has back up and restore features, and the ability to select different layouts for different users. It isn’t clear what the paid for version does that the free one doesn’t, apart from creating your own categories and start menu icons wizard, which is quite a neat function. The recently added right click uninstall option, however, which could be quite useful.

It seems that what started out as a simple tool for doing one task for the creator, has taken on a whole new level, adding extras that you would probably like if it was offered free. The price tag isnt over-priced really, but I can’t believe there isn’t another programmer out there working on a freeware tool to do the individual features.

No hassle all in one? Well let’s be honest, it’s probably worth it, with lifetime free updates and extra features. Still, if you just want to Tidy your Start Menu, and let other apps do other jobs, then the free version will do you fine.

~ by relequestual on 25 May, 2007.

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  1. I just discovered you (and then your newer site) thanks to Google Reader’s little “suggested feeds” option, and now I’m really glad I did — I’ve been hoping to find a Start Menu cleanup app for ages now, since I’ve gotten lazy about keeping it tidy by hand the past year or so. Thanks!!

  2. Open source alternative:

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