CCleaner (CrapCleaner)

CrapCleaner doing is stuff!Version tested : 1.39.502

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Description : Cleaner app that deletes redundant files and fixes registry issues. Inbuilt uninstaller and start up manager.

Probably one of the most well-known cleaners out there, and my personal favourite. The main cleaner is split up into two different bars, one being windows and the other being applications. The windows bar enables you to select what needs cleaning in respect to windows, like clipboard, recycle bin and memory dumps, whereas the applications bar enables you to select cleaning of selected applications, like 7-zip, DVD shrink, and google toolbar. They are also both split up into categories, making it even easier if you want to clean something specific.

The second tab, issues, is basically a registry scanner, where you can select which areas are to be scanned, for example obsolete software and missing DLL’s. The tools tab has an uninstaller and a startup list, both of which are quite useful when you’re having a tidying session. The options are not extensive, but neat and tidy, just the right amount.

Overall, this performs rather well, and I use it regularly. It cleaned over 500mbs the first time I used it, and I’m somewhat of a tech guy. There is no “undo” function, but I haven’t seen the need for one with this app.

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